Thursday, February 12, 2009


More Carnival, and as we finish up Valentine's Day, I'll finally get to focus on Mardi Gras tags. Snowraven has a new (full sized) Mardi Gras kit that I plan to buy (once it becomes available) and bash down to taggers size. It comes with four posers and a ton of elements.

In the meantime...Violet is (c) by Perfect Posers and you can find her at Aussie Scrap Store or Paradise4Taggers. P4T is supposedly having a store wide 50% off sale, but I don't know if that's going to apply to Charly's stuff or not.

For the first two kits, I used the very beautiful Sign of the Gypsy Queen taggers kit from Baby Cakes Scraps, which is also the kit I did my blog layout with.

Violet 1

The problem with many posers, and this includes Charly's work, is that they tend to have a doll-like look about them. This is particularly true of Violet. I love the dress through, and the boots - which you won't get a good look at until the fourth tag.

Violet 2

I was looking at a slide show on Sharon Becker's blog and picked up a couple of ideas that I incorporated into these tags. The little green star does not come with the kit, but is available off BCS' blog as a CU freebie.

I still don't know if she actually meant this to be a Carnival kit or not, but it works quite well for the genre.

These next two tags use the Fat Tuesday Collaboration by Team Kissed by Pix. This is/was a full sized kit that I bashed down to taggers size. You can pick it up for the remarkably low price of $2.00 at TKO Scraps.

Violet 3

The poser looks particularly dollish in this piece. Fat Tuesday does not have the glitt and softer edges that BCS's kit does, but it does have it's plus points as it's got the crowns and fluer de le which are a part of Carnival decor.

I probably should have grabbed one of the fairy trails I have and added it in, just to soften the piece up. I'm sort of sorry I didn't do that.

Violet 4

This is a double masked piece - one mask from Wee Scots Lass and the other from Cameron. Violet looks more realistic, if a bit stoned, it this tag as well, and as I said the boots.

I had fun sticking sequins all over the place. Ever since discovering the paste as a selection options, sequins have become a lot more fun! LOL!

These next two tags were done a couple of weeks ago when we hosted Carnival of the Cats at House Panthers. I keep meaning to post them during Cats on Tuesday, but have missed my Cats on Tuesday postings for the last two weeks. ::sigh::

Carnival of the Cats 1

The cat in the background is (c) by Fade Willow, while the other is (c) by Le Chat Designs. Both were acquired off Share CG. The furred mask behind the lettering was created by Sariwo - Digifree found it for me - while the scraps are from the Carnival kit by Ivory's Designz.

The Foil Cap alpha is by Snowsmoons Designs and the word art is from the Mardi Gras kit that I picked up at Scrappin' Girls. (That one also was a full sized kit until I used my little resizing script on it.)

It's hard enough to find Mardi Gras themed kits to start with, so I'm not too picky about buying them full sized and bashing them down. Besides, maybe I'll decided to leave one full sized and actually do some layouts with it. Lord know I have enough pictures to use!

Carnival of the Cats

Despite what the copyright says, it's the same deal as the previous piece. The black cat is (c) by Fade Willow while the other is by Le Chat Designs. I just discovered the error of my ways yesterday, so...

The kit in this case is the Mardi Gras themed Masquarade taggers kit by Farrah's Creations. I used one of Cameron's masks on the papers. The Precious Gold alpha is by Janyelle Mayara. This is another kit that I just adore and I have a Vinagar tube sitting here that I'm going to use to tute it.

I also finally solved the case of the missing glitter, so you'll notice I have glitter on the lettering of both sides of the tag this time! Yippee!

There's a couple of little spacers:

Spacer 1

Spacer 2

These use the cat posers from Willow Fade and the Masquerade kit from Farrah as well, that I did for the Carnival of Cats post.

Carnival of Cats is hard work, but it's a fun blog Carnival to do as well. It draws the most entries of the three cat themed blog carnivals that run each week, which is why it can be so much work. Actually using the Carnival theme made it more fun, at least for me, although Chinese New Year would have been more appropriate, given the time frame that it ran.

I do have some more oriental themed stuff to work on and Annie's Designs just released an Egyptian themed taggers kit that I'm looking forward to playing with as well.


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Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Feb [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 13 Feb [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

OH yes the dress and the boots are way nice!