Monday, February 2, 2009

Down Under (Part II)

In doing the Down Under project I had three sources of scraps and an alpha. The main source came from Krissy's Scraps Independence Day taggers kit. Krissy is a Kiwi designer and yes, the kit was done for American Independence day, but that's the nice thing about red, white and blue. It's multi-useful.

The Aussie scraps came from the Aussie Day Mini-Kit from Lindsay Jane Designs, who hails from Adalaide, and the Aussie Day Mega Kit by EmCee Designs.

The Alpha is from MeeGee Designs, a lady who lives in Sydney. So aside from the scraps I actually made, they're all from down under.


Burmese Cat

I was a bit unhappy with this one because of the quality of the photo and because the tag, which is horribly cute with the Kolas, broke up the red white and blue theme. However, I couldn't find a better pic as I'd dragged my feet putting this together. The glitter line is actually from the Love Song taggers kit by Farrah's Creations.


Torti Cat

I had to make the circle frame, using a template from Creationz by Jo. The button is from the Aussie Mega kit, the flag from the Aussie Mini-kit. The metal alpha is by Nettie B.

Molly is Oscar's sister and occasionally hijacks his blog.


House Panther

Huffle must not read Diamond's blog as I've done several pieces with her and we've never gotten any feedback. The background is from the Aussie Mega kit. That is a full size kit and I couldn't use the resize script on the papers because when the program sets the canvas width and crops the image if it doesn't fit. Because of the way the paper is set up, it would have cropped wrong, so I had to do it by hand.


Domestic Shorthair

I was a bit disappointed in this tag as it was too busy. I didn't know where I was going with it, started out doing something else, didn't like it, changed it and tried adjust for the change, and it just didn't really work.


Russian Blue

This is not my Diamond. This Diamond is a beautiful Russian Blue, who's looking quite stellar with my home made Southern Cross. All the fireworks on these tags are from the New Year's Bash taggers kit by Tantrum Scraps.


Tabby Cat

The post card, which has polish stamps on it - I couldn't find with with Aussie Stamps - is from Voodoo Scraps. The Red Gel alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking. The background is from the Aussie Mega Day kit, another one I had to resize manually.


House Panther

This actually turned out pretty nice. I used a mask from wee Scots Lass to break up the picture. The Silver Alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Bonus Kitty - Misha

Russian Blue

Misha is a Russian Blue that lives in New Zealand. I did this piece for Blue Wednesday over at House Panthers. The scraps are from the January Collab at United Scraps 4 Taggers. I've already decided I don't need the February Collab, which wouldn't be worth the time it took to download, given all the rest of the Valentine's Day kits I already have.

Misha was pleasantly surprised at the honor of being a featured House Panther. Here he looks more surprised of the paper butterfly!

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