Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lethal Weapon

black cat,Diamond
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When Diamond is not busy being a cute cat, she amuses herself by assassinating small animals - birds, rats, mice, voles and snakes are some of the things that have fallen to her fangs and claws. Here, she takes a out a rat.

And yes, I appreciate her efforts. Rats in my house are NOT cute. I do not wish to put them back outside because they'll only come inside again. They are better off dead.

I used the Arrrmatey kit from Digital Freebies for this as it had a dark and deadly feel to it.


catsynth said...

You are a might hunter, Diamond :)


What is more fun for a cat than
a mouse? I think mice tease cats
at first and then find out cats
are smart mighty predators, by then its too late for the mouse.:)