Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tybalt's Chinese Theater

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I love Tybalt's take on Friday, and so does Diamond since she loves to watch "moovees". Tybalt is the Blogosheper's Hollywood Film Celebrity cat, but don't expect any scandals from him. He believes in behaving like the stars during the time when they were owned by studios and held accountable for their actions.

Tybalt lives with two Torti Sisfurs, Holly and Ivy. He says he is the supreme ruler of the house though, is an expert at purring and loves naps and sunny spots.

His Princess is Samantha of Life from a Cat's Perspective.

Tybalt's family could use some purrs right now as his human Grandpaw is going in for emergency eye surgery early this morning. Her is hoping they can fix the damage so that he can continue to see Tybalt's wonderful reviews.

You can catch Tybalt's take at Tybalt the Prince of Cats.

I used the Movies way back mini-kit from Kyra, but supplemented the elements with the New Beginnings kit from Raspberry Road Designs. The lettering is from Shabby Princess' Urban Kiwi freebie.

All of the kits are freebies. The layout is sized to 8 x 10 for printing easy.

My only problem is when I start working in black and white I want the whole piece to be in black and white, but...I also wanted to show off Tybalt's lovely coloring.

Ah well....maybe next time...


Anonymous said...

Tybalt is a very sweet, floofy guy and we always enjoy his reviews! We'll be Purring for his Grampy's eyes!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

That is beautiful! Really exquisite!

Samantha & Mom said...

I love the page you created for Tybalt!! He is my so handsome Prince!! And he is such a wonderful Movie Reviewer. I have watched all the movies!
Tyblat's Princess,

Tigger and I are purrring and purraying for Grandpaw's eyes.