Monday, April 28, 2008


black cat
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Orignially a blog for Silverstar Photography, My Cats Maggie and Pierre have now taken it over with their own photos.

There isn't a whole lot of personal info on Pierre because of this, it's mainly pictures. He seems to have a weird obsession with the shower curtain, and he seems to get along well his his ginger tabby sister, Maggie.

Pierre is a bit of talker. I've noticed that with black cats, many of them are chatterbugs, which makes me wonder if that's where the Siamese trait of talking came from. They got it, along with their black points. (All Meezers carry the gene for black in their makeup. See Hunter, House Panthers are superior to Meezers!)

He likes to roll around on the balcony when he's let out.

Much like Miss Diamond, he's also a tuxie-Panther with a bit of white on his tummy and on his neck. Much like Mickey, he's a Canadian Panther.

This layout was done with the Promises kit from Shabby Princess.

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