Saturday, April 5, 2008

PB&J (And George)

The cats of PB&G Is My Favorite are a themed set, all of them having Disney related names. They make their homes in Port Huron Michigan and share the house with George, who is an Airedale Terrier.

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First up is Pearl. Pearl replaced Prudy on the PB&J team, after Purdy when to the Rainbow Bridge on September 1, 2005. A check of sent located a shelter with a bunch of ladycat kittens. There were many to chose from and only one right one, and they knew her right away. This little Tortoiseshell like playing the yard and with her toys, cuddling with her mom and sleeping in a Kitty Cup and digging in the blankets.

A Tough A** Torti, she also enjoys beating up on her brothers.

Pearl was named for the Octopus in Finding Nemo.

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Bert is the Tuxi in the family, He was named the chimeysweep in Mary Poppins. He was adopted from the same agency that Basil, who'd gone to the Bridge, came from. One of pair, he was named Tango by the agency.

He is a good jumper, likes to go inside and outside, enjoys playing (and sleeping) with George as well as his brother and sister. He enjoys a good drink or two out of the ater faucet.

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Jake is the attack tabby of the group, a part feral Maine Coon who takes his duties seriously, attacking anything with feathers as well as his sister Pearl. He doesn't like George at all.

He was found as kitten was taken home to foster, but by the end of the weekend, had found a permanent spot on the team. Since they already at the P and the B cats, they realized if they named him something that started with a J, they could have a sandwich.

Jake is the seagull in the Rescuers Down Under, and so he got his name and became one of the founding members of Team PB&J.

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Despite the obviously male sounding name, George is a ladydog. She likes to go out in the snow and play and enjoys a good game of Tug of War with her rope pull. She has a fenced in back yard to run in and lots of kitties to play with.

She loves all the kitties, but Bert is the only one that loves her back. Pearl likes to put the smack down on George, while Jake prefers to stay as far aways as possible.

Airedales are known as the "Kings of the Terriers" but poor George seems to be the Pauper Pup in Port Huron, not even rating her own Dogster Page. It's gotta be tough on a woofie, playing second fiddle to a trio of cats, but George knows her place.

I used a freebie kit named Gianna from Secondhand Angel which I found on Digifree. It's an interesting kit as it uses bottle caps instead of flowers. The colors are what drew me to it. Patty at SHA has been designing her own kits since January of 2008 and I have to say she does a very good job as the quality of this set is as good as any of the purchased sets I've used.

Her files are created to 200 dpi, which saves on file size and also make the downloads quick. Check out her stuff.

The images were created to 8 x 10 size and suitable for printing.


Mickey's Musings said...

Diamond, you are another very talented cat!!!!Those are very nice scrapbook pages!!!
Purrs Mickey

PB 'n J said...

Oh Miss Diamond and Miss Diamond's Mommy,

We love looking through your digital scrapbook pages, they are always so lovely. Imagine our surprise when we saw the lovely layouts that you did for us!

Thank you so very much!!!
Pearl, Bert and Jake