Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sassy Cat

black cat
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I tend to forget that Sassy is a cat. Most of her rather inventive blog has been dedicated to her exploits and outrageous trips around the world, often in apostrophized form.

But she is a cat, and a House Panther to boot. Going through her blog since she started it, I found exactly five pictures of her in feline form that had not been photo shopped in some way. Maybe we can get her to remedy that situation? We love your trips, but we love to see you in your natural state as well!

You can find Sassy's more recent adventures at Sassy Tales. Her profile says only that she lives in the rural midwestern United States, that she is loving, lazy loyal, headstrong, sensitive, persistent, quiet and spoiled. Beyond that, we know little of Sassy, the real life feline.

This used the Blue Sky mini-kit by Mamrotka. The chip board lettering is from Free Digital Scrapbooking. The Ribbons and additional flowers are from Michelle Boroni's Ocean Lights mini-kit.

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