Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parker Perfectly Pink

Parker Perfectly Pink
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I'm not saying I've save the best cat until last, but the blog is called Perfectly Parker.

Nor are we implying in any way the Parker is finking on her fur-sibs by dressing her up in pink. No sir, I can't believe you'd even think that in the first place.

Parker is just pretty in pink. Parker is a five year old domestic shorthair. She was a stray with five(!) kittens that her "Daddy" found in an alley while he was working out of town. It took him several weeks of coaxing with food and a warm box before he was able to make friends with her.

They got the kittens in, got them vaccinated, spayed and neutered and adopted out to good home, but the tabby and white mother had become "Daddy's Girl". She went home with him - 400 miles to their Ohio residence where she was introduced to her sisters and brothers.

She still prefers human company over that of the other felines, and will show Diamond Doggie the "Paw of Death" if he gets into her space too much.

Parker would love to hear from you, so stop by her blog and leave her a comment on her latest post. You can meet the rest of the family while your there.

I used a mini-kit freebie called Girly-Girl along with the Aged Embossed Alpha, both of which were created by Marie Stones and distributed by Free Digital Scrapbooking.

The frame in the kit is from Retrodiva's Be mine freebie, the hearts are from Viannes Creative Designs' Mum Freebie.

This layout was done to an 8 x 10 standard and is suitable for printing, as were the layouts for the other members of her family.


Parker said...

Dear Diamond,
You made my Mommy's eyes leak.
But in a good way.
We love you and we really want to say thanks.
Would you please send Mommy your snail mail address to
Smooches from the pink girl!

ZOOLATRY said...

Diamond... we must say, in all honesty, your Scatbook Pages are getting purrtier all the time. This one is delightful... just like the kitty it belongs to.

Tybalt said...

I love it! Parker is one of my most favorite ladycats. She is very special, and you've captured her purrfectly! Another great job (as always) Diamond!

(Answer to your question yesterday . . . Mommy is playing with color and close-ups on her pictures. So far I'm the only furry who will cooperate with a close-up, but she's trying!)