Friday, April 18, 2008

Brainball and Chairman Mao

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Brainball reminds me a lion. A big floofy lion, but a lion none the less.

A 9-year old Domestic long hair, his real name is Calamity Jake, but this big 16 pound mancat is also known as "Itty Bitty Widdy Kitty", "King Leonidas" and "Ol' Boy". He was abandoned when the family that he lived with moved away, and the Ballicus Cats took him in. He's the Alpha cat, and takes his position seriously. He loves to play with coffee stirrers, nap on the bed or in a pile of clean laundry or on his mom's feet or dad's lap.

He's an outstanding role model to the other cats at Ballicus - kind, benevolet, and strong. Sort of like a lion, right?

You can find him, along with Chairman Mao, DoryDoo and sometimes Marilyn at The Ballicus Blog.

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Chairman Mao is a Seal Point Siamese/Snowshoe mix. At just one year old, he's the baby of the bunch. He enjoys playing, running round, talking and generally going spaztic around the place. He considers the whole house one great big kitty toy and tries to play with everything.

He showed up as a stray and lived in the garage for while before he was brought into the Ballicus Household proper. He's a good Diplocat and gets along with everyone, even Dory Doo, who can be a bit moody. He loves Brainball and tries to emulate his older brother.

The Chairman does most of the talking over at Ballicus, not surprising for one of Siamese Ancestry.

I used Scrap Girl's African Beat mega-kit for Brainball's layout, because well...I needed something Safari-ish. Mao's was done using Retrodiva's Fresh Start kit, perhaps appropriate for a young, active mancat.


Kimo and Sabi said...


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Furry nice to learn more about you two. Nice grafiks, too.
Purrs, KC

Alexi said...

We love these furriends of ours. Headbumpies to all.

Alexi and the rest of the Castle cats!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We love both tose scrapbook pages, and we agree, Brainball does remind us of a lion, but a big friendly one.