Sunday, April 13, 2008

The White Lion

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
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Reptar is Lynn's (not Bobby's) cat, a 7-year-old domestic short hair male. He was named for the fictional dinosaur in the animated Rugrats series.

Much like his humans, Reptar is a baseball fan and has been coming to Fort Myers Miracle baseball games since he was a 6-month-old kitten.

He was from a litter that the female who lived with the owner of a store Lynn was working at at the time had. He has two other white brothers that look exactly like him, and there was also a black and white female in the litter. Lynn occasionally still sees his brothers.

Bohemian Reptar
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Lynn has at least two other cats. She seemed pleased with these pieces so she's supposed to send me pictures of the others.

Reptar's really a well behaved cat and not really a dinosaur at all. And yes, he can hear perfectly well - the noise at the ballgames bothers him quite a bit.

I used the African Beat kit from Scrap Girls on the top piece. Originally I had the feather under his paw and it looked like he as eating something, but I didn't have him laying on anything. So I changed it so he was on the letters.

The second piece uses the Bohemian Love Affair kit from Retrodiva, in part because I love working in black and white.

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