Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gandalf the Good

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We briefly met Gandalf when we met Grayson, as the two came home together. He was the little kitten that Grayson's Mom had come to adopt.

Gandalf was one of four kittens. The see two of his litter mates, Sarah and BooBoo quite often and they occasionally show up on the boys' blog at It's all about Meow.

As a tiny gray kitten, he was named Gandalf because he was very wise and he reminded her of Gandalf, the wise gray wizard in the Lord of the Rings.

As with Grayson's lay out, I used the Family Man kit from Digital Freebies. The letters came from Sarah Carling's Dinner Party Alpha, which was a Shabby Princess freebie.

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Unknown said...

What a scrapbook page for Gandalf! He is such a pretty kitty!