Friday, April 11, 2008


black cat
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Shadow lives with three other cats: TT, Molly, and Fatty. They all blog at The Midadventures of Me. He is the only mancat in the group and strangely enough is also the calmest of the cats.

He nearly died when he was a tiny kitten in 2003. Some very mean people dropped off Molly and Shadow and their momcat and left them to take care of themselves. When their Humans found them, Shadow was so cold and hungry that he couldn't even lift his head. He was taken home and wrapped in a warm blanket and fed with sugar water until he could regain his strength. When his Human Mom couldn't look after Shadow, the Boy took care of him. Shadow has been devoted to The Boy ever since.

He loves catnip, but he will only accept it if it is on a plate or in a bowl. If it is just on the floor, he will ignore it. Shadow also loves to play with toy mousies and feather toys.

Shadow is polydactyl, having three extra toes on each of his front paws. Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Polydactals are related to Ernest Hemmingway's cats. Polydactalism is a naturally occurring defect due to close inbreeding amongst cats - most likely ship cats. Once it occurs in a bloodline however, it does breed true.

This layout was made with Retrodiva's Bohemian Love Affair and have to admit to being totally in love with the kit. It's available at or in the Boutique at Digital Freebies.

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KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

KC said...
O, Shadow, am so sorry to hear about yours rough start in life. Some peoples is just mean. So glad your beans finded you all and saved you. Can we sees a pickshure of your many-toed paw?
That is a beautiful grafik.