Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's an Invasion of the Dinosaurs!

Aucasaurus Diceratops
Monolophasaurus Styracasaur

Fill up your Jurassic World with this collection of realistic dinosaur posers from Digicats Imagaing. Choose from Aucasaurus, Diceratops, Monolophasaurus or Sytracasaurus, or get them all for a variety!

Each poser pack contains 10 dinosaur themed poser tubes which are just perfect for your prehistoric kits and projects. Each of these detailed tubes measures approximately 2000 pixels on its longest side and is saved to 300 DPI, making it just perfect for both print and web use.

CU/PU/S4H/S4O ok! No CU4CU, may not be added to other graphic collections for resale.

It's a sea of Savings! Now through 30 June, save 40% on all kits and poser packs!

Rawr! Prehistoric - Taggers photo DCD_Prehistoric_TS.png

Need more Dino-might? Don't miss out on our two Dinosaur themed kits Rawr and Prehistoric! There's a great time to be had at the dawn of time!

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