Monday, May 4, 2009

Glam Rock and the Undead

I started reading Sookie 7 this weekend and I have 8 waiting. Good stuff. I far prefer the Southern Vampire series to Twilight. Real vampires don't glitter. LOL!

However, many of the Twilight kits being released are suitable for Gothic scrapping - it doesn't have to featured Edward and Bella. Jay's latest puts me in mind of the werewolf tag, and I think I know where I can get just the right tube(s) for it.

However, be that as it may...Designs by Ali released her Glam Rock kit last weekend and I'd meant to play with it then, but ran out of time. I'm so glad I didn't. She's using the Rock Angel Starter kit from Designs by Helly too and I'm glad that I hadn't viewed her work before I did my own. I would have been too easy to snag some ideas.

Aside from the Helly kit we both used doodles by Sara's Scraps and templates from Creative Intentionz, we just used them differently.

And while my Bike Night is not - strictly speaking - a rock and roll kit, there are certain similarities.

In all of these tags, I used the Glam Rock poser by Untamed Angel (a.k.a. Heart of Essence). Funny how they both with then with the bright green and black color scheme. There are three of Ladies Night posers by Dream Effectz included in Ali's kit, but I chose not to use them in these tags.

Glam Rock

I love the way she built the frame using the winged box and the flairs from Helly's kit. I did not use ric-rack in my kit - only tape and one set of skull patterned ribbons which can be used as frame wraps.

Glam Rock

I like the speakers, though I've no idea where she got them at. They are big structural elements that can be used in place of frames for constructing the tags. The flaming star charms are from Helly's starter. The skull in the upper right hand corner is from a CU Freebie from Farrah's Creations, although I did not see a credit to Farrah in Ali's documentation.

Glam Rock

Every time I see a disc ball my mind brings up the old Abba "Dancing Queen" song, which does not go with "Glam Rock" at all. LOL. What a weird mental association!

I think the green marker is also from Farrah. It seemed an odd thing to included but I ended up using it, so....::shrugs::

Glam Rock

I hadn't thought to use the vanity plates. While they probably would have gone with the overall motorcycle theme of bike night, they might have "too girly" for the kit.

In any case, I'll have a set of Bike Night tags for you soon. I did more designing these weekend than tagging. Even started in the June Goodie Train kit, realized I was using the wrong - although still nautical - motif, tossed the work I'd done and restarted with the correct motif. ::sigh::

I think I works better if I design on the weekends. When I'm designing I hate to leave off, with the tagging it doesn't bother me so much, so perhaps I'll tag during the week and design on the weekends when I have the time.

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Ginger said...

Edward is the man!

I am looking forward to True Blood coming back on this summer though