Monday, May 11, 2009

Beach Bums

Well, the new meds may be expensive, but they seem to work. They also seem to want to put me a sleep, or at least, that seems to be what I did a lot of this weekend. I could have been heat related too, I suppose, it was definitely hot out. LOL!

The new-to-me car started this morning, so I guess things are going along swimmingly just at the moment. I have a few projects in the works, but I took a break and did some tagging.

Creationz by Jo has joined us at Stargazer Scraps and I have several new kits by her, but for today I went with the Beach Bum taggers kit. The "Freckles" posers are by Soxsational Scraps. Everyone is doing the little "Cookie" animals just now. Sox had her packs in the $1 sale at Paradise last week, so I picked up the lot of them.

Beach Bum

Since I'm working on my own beach themed kit, it's fairly natural for me to compare the two and say "Dang, Jo's is way better." That may not be the case, although I'm certain drooling over some of her elments, like the lovely wood frame.

I'm using the "Beach Bum" alpha which was a freebie from Digi-Designs by Nicole some time back. It's kit of a clear acrylic alpha and goes well with a lot of things, not just beach related.

My masks are once again from Wee Scots Lass.

Beach Bum

This one is not a mask, she actually has the sand included as a .png paper in the kit. I love the way she did that. I also love the little pop top thing. The little fishies are adorable too.

Beach Bum

Ginger was raving about her flip flops on her blog, and since I decided to tag these for Florida girls (Jo's withstanding) I threw some Flip Flops in for her tag. Although I don't think "Freckles" can use them. Well...maybe...

I'm a Kroc person myself. :)

Beach Bum

I always do tags for Danielle, and none for her mom, Rowena, so I corrected that over sight. She'll probably hate me for turning her into a dog. :)

I did some tags using my new Purr Prints kit and the Chocolicious kit, all of which I still need to post. So it wasn't a total waste of a weekend, despite the fact that I did a lot of it.

I've noticed now that Sox is gone from Exquisite our bi-weekly give away as gone too. Oh was, as far as I'm concerned, a really great promo idea while it lasted. Sox as joined Toni and Lisa at Sophisti-Scraps. Maybe one day, when I've become a much better designer, I'll apply there, but I still have a lot to learn.

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Ginger said...

I love the tags! The flip flops make mine perfect. LOL! Glad to hear that the ned meds are working and I can't wait to see the beach themed kit!