Wednesday, May 13, 2009

June Brides (in May)

Rowena was saying that her neighbor's wedding reception, which is being held on Sanibel Island, is $165 per plate. And they're supposed to bring a gift on top of that.

They'd thought about checking the hotel rates and making a weekend out of it, until they saw the hotel rates. LOL. Needless to say, this is a very extravagant wedding she's attending.

Better her than me.

A bit more on the resonable side, what Silent Dreamer's Love's Promise kit. I actually had a lot of fun with this one and yes, one of these days I'll get around to making my own.

She bills this is a Mega kit and there's certainly quite a bit to play with in here. All the posers are from Bits'N'Bob's Summer Bride pack. I think the outfit is a little risque for walking down the aisle in, but on whole it is very pretty - and very summery.

Love's Promise

The color scheme for the kit is gray, blue, red and gold. I like the heart and star elements. I have most of the elements in this kit, but I have several other bridal packs I can tap as well. I also like her frames. There's a flower swag included in the kit that matches the one on the frame as well.

Love's Promise

This kit actually includes roses! The lack of flowers in the Bridal kits has been an issue for me...I mean...Flowers are always such a big part of the event. But S.D. includes quite a few in varying colors, which is nice.

Once again I'm using masks from Wee Scots Lass on the tags. I like her heart masks, only wish I had more of them.

Love's Promise

This tag turned out really nice with the red and the gold, and just a hint of the mask in the background. The kit worked well and I got some great tags from it.

Love's Promise

Isn't this just a beautiful little tag with the doves flying around? I'd done this whole build up thing with the bridal dress and the tuxedo in the background in the arch and it just got lost behind the poser. Oh well. Still a lovely tag.

40 papers, 85 elements and it's saved to 300 DPI. You can find it at Creative Scrap, on sale for $3.00.

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Ginger said...

Great tags! Sanibel is beautiful. Too bad the rates are so high!