Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paw-sitively Feline

Eat, sleep, scrap.

Eat, sleep, scrap.

What a dull kitten I have become.

And there's never enough time for sleeping, which makes me think I should cut out the eating part. Woman can live on sleep and scrap alone, right?

I went to bed early - it was hot - and got for a while in the middle of the night after it had cooled down. I let Tristan out, but my appearance caught Diamond in the middle of grooming and this threw her into a quandary. Groom? or Outside? Outside? or Groom? Grooming is important as she must look good for her furriends. But she need to go outside to check on her territories and to keep an eye on Tristan. Groom? Or Outside? Decisions, decisions.

In a moment of suddenly clarity, she sorted out her priorities. TREATS! Then outside. She, of course, slept all day so she could cat around all night.

I got new clip art, so I felt I should try to put a kit together before the rest of the clip art resellers got their paws on it and and resold it to every other designer out there. It's coming along nicely, but I'm trying to track down a template I saw a couple of days ago...I hate when that happens.

Anyway, here are some tags from my newly released Purr Prints. They turned out incredibly cute!

Purr Prints

The clip art cat was white and so I stuck with white cats through out That was also the reason I went with Outlaw's Cookie posers, they were - if not quite white - at least lightly colored. They Meows I have from Lisa for example, are black and I didn't feel that would work as good.

My first ever cat was a white domestic long hair named Puffy. My Great Grandmother got her for me when I was four. I got to name her and my sister, and to this day my sister resents the name I gave her - Carol - and insists she would have preferred being called Puffy.

Not that I believe her.

I do not remember if Puffy would let me dress her up. Diamond will play dress up with me, but she really does prefer that I dress her up on the computer, and not in real life. LOL!

Purr Prints

This tag largely used the clip art that is included in the kit. The hat on Princess is the only one that is attached, all the rest can be swapped out from cat to cat or to the posers. I suppose you could cover the hat on Princess with one of the others, if you really wanted to.

Purr Prints

I figured the pre-teen crowd would really get a kick out of this kit, given the pink colors, the pet theme and the Diva sort of attitude. It's fairly easy to use as well, so you can get some great looking tags with a minimum amount of fuss and bother.

Although honestly, there are some teens out there that are probably a better graphical artist than I am.

Purr Prints

Precious is quite dressed up in this tag. I rather got a kick out of doing that. The other two white cats didn't get names, but I suppose I should have called them Powder and Puff and stuck with the "P" theme. Oh well. You can name them yourselves if you like,

I did the word art myself (again) and there is a Paw Print alpha included, a sample of which you can see on the first tag.

20 Papers and 101 elements for $2.50 is a great price - you'd pay as much just for the three posers! And there's quite a few goodies stuck in there, like the boom box and a diary, so you don't have to use the kitty elements if you don't want. You are kind of stuck with the paw prints on the papers though.

Here is the preview of the kit:

Purr Prints

All there of the posers that I used in the tags are included in the kit, so you should have a pretty good idea of what's available.

I have to do my shameless self promotion, but I do have to say I really enjoyed playing with the kit - probably as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Note: this kit is no longer available for sale. You can download a free copy of it HERE.

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