Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Blog layout and new kit preview

Yeah! We got out of work early yesterday so I re-did my blog layout. I am using Chaos Priestess A Lost Paradise taggers kit. CP has put out a bunch of new kits of late and has them on sale this weekend for 50% off, something I was quick to take advantage of.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I wasn't sure then I was doing it if it would work. I still need to do some tags and tutes using the new kits she's done, but since I had some extra time I've also been working on a project I've talked about doing for a while.

That is my Bike Night kit and it's still got a lot of work ahead of it. It's a little bit Harley and a little bit Rock and Roll, with a little bit of Goth mixed in for good measure.

Bike Night

The chick is one of Bits'N'Bobs Dread Rock posers. I've not yet decided what girls I'm putting in this kit, so she is just for display purposes at this point. The chopper is courtesy of Outlaw by Design.

I am using Helly's Rock Angel Starter for some of the Rock elements. It's been a bit more challenging than what I've done in the past, and I've also struck out a bit on my own. The paper for this tag, for example, is was something I largely made on my own, except for the edging effect.

There are a lot of chrome elements and yes, there are skulls, but that sort of goes with the territory.

I'm looking at a May 15th release for this. Next weekend of course I'll have a mother's day kit for ya'll.

I don't know if you've heard, but we'd had our first confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Florida, with one in being identified in a Bonita Springs Elementary School. At least one other student is showing symptoms, but the case has not been confirmed. The school is being closed for a week - almost 10 days - to stop any further spreading.

I wonder if that's going to change the social schedule for the weekend. Miss Danielle had TWO birthday parties she is schedule to attend, one at Sunsplash and one at Chuck E Cheese. It will be interesting to see if they're still on or if the parents panic. Rowena is prone to panic.

Bonita Springs is pretty far away, and much like the coyote scare in Estero, is not something the people in the Cape pay much attention to.

Bike Night this month is tonight, masquerading as the Cinco de Mayo block party. After that it take a break until the fall, as the bikers head up north for various other events over the summer. I've included labels for Poker Run and Hogs & Dogs as well, two other popular monikers for Motorcycle events.

This would make a great kit in full sized, but alas, my poor computer won't handle it, so you're stuck with taggers. Maybe someday I'll be able to get a newer system that can handle more new tricks. I keeping getting e-mail from Yahoo telling me to upgrade to MSIE 8, but they never offer to buy me a system that will run MSIE 8. I just don't understand it.


Anyway, hope you all have a nice weekend!


Ginger said...

I'm jealous! I want my school to be closed! LOL!

Bits N Bobs said...

Looking good sweetie.
You have a couple of awards on my blog hun.

You have got to get yourself a chatbox LOL