Saturday, May 9, 2009

New In Store: Purr Prints

Purr Prints

She's your feline princess, your furry best friend. Why not bring out the Diva in her? This paw-sitively delightful taggers sized kit allows to you have a bit of fun with you four-footed girl friend. Great for creating chick tags as well, as it's all done in various shades of pink with just a touch of grung thrown in for a bit of flavor.

Awarded the Paw Print of Approval by my own Miss Diamond, your Diva Kitty is sure to love it too!

The kit contains 20 Papers, and 101 elements including 10 Bows, 10 Flowers, 10 Frames, 5 Knotted Ribbons, 5 Lace, 5 Ribbon Wraps, 5 Knot Bows, 5 Doodle Hearts, 5 Stickers, 5 Tags, 5 HandBags, 4 Hats, 3 Felt Mouse Toys, 1 Cat Bed, 1 CatNap Sign, 1 Boombox, 1 CD Case, 1 Journal, 1 Pencil, 1 Princess Crown, 1 Happy Cat Sign, 1 Paw Prints Sign, Various Jewelry, 4 Word Arts, 4 Cats, 3 Cookie Cat Posers, and one bonus Paw Print Alpha - Upper Case Only.

Everything is saved to 300 DPI so it's suitable for card making and smaller print jobs up to 5 x 7 inch size.

Kitty cats leave Purr Print on our hearts. Now they can leave some on your computer as well! (Personal Use Only Please! - No S4H/S4O with this kit, sorry!)

Sorry! This kit is no longer available in stores.
But you can download a FREE version of it HERE

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Ginger said...

What a cute set! I know lots of cat lovers that will dig this kit!