Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Dragon & the Princess

I was rather surprised yesterday to read that Soxsational Scraps had left Exquisite Scraps and would be going to Twilight Scraps.

Details weren't given, one assumes she and Krissy had a falling out, but whatever the case, no more Sox at Exquisite. This will also change first prize in the taggers division of the Crafty Cupboard Little Miss Princess competition.

I was a little lost on what to do with Sox's Little Miss Princess kit. She did Princess Fairy Bears, which - I imagine would be great for Danielle - but I was lost from a tagger's standpoint. Or maybe I'd just tagged myself out by then.

I finally decided to go with these little toon dragons I had from Calypso Design and sort of wrote a little story to go with the tags.


Once upon a time, a dragon tried to visit the royal castle in the Kingdom of Far Away, but a Guardian Fairy Bear showed up and frightened the dragon away.

(The glitter alpha is from Bits'N'Bobs.)


This made the dragon very sad, because he was only lonely and wanted to make new friends. His only friend now was his faithful teddy bear. He is not a bad dragon, you see, he is a very friendly dragon!

(I was looking all over the place for the script to make those safety pin charms, and when I finally found them, again, discovered it was an action, not a script. Phooey!)


But! Danielle, royal princess of the kingdom of Far Away, hears of his plight and comes in her beautiful coach to his rescue. She makes him a guardian dragon of the Kingdom of Far Away and invites him out to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch.


Now the dragon is happy, as he has an important job and lots of friends and a magic wand to wave about in the protection of the kingdom! And everyone lived happily ever after!

(I ADORE that bow. I don't know if she designed it herself or used an action, but it's brill!)

Sox is still at SBS, but the welcome page for the site changed from "Krissy and Sox" to "The Simply Beautiful Design Team". Weirdness.

I'm not sure I like the turn that SBS has taken since Farrah left it either. Oh well. Toni & Lisa opened Sophisti-Scraps so I have a new store to plunder! One with lots of glitz!

Julie from Bits'N'Bobs has given me the Rockin' Girl Blogger and Blog Magico Awards. Thanks Hun!

They didn't come with any destructions, so I get to make up my own, I guess. That being said I'd like to pass them on to the following individuals:

Melisa at Melisa's Scraps;
Jay at Heartbeatz Creationz;
Kate at Urban Mermaid;
Helga at Granny's Art;
Laura at Cinnamon Scraps;
Ali at Designs by Ali;
Ginger at Ginger's House;
& Jessica at Gothic Inspirations (for the wonderful Goth Grab Bag I am using in my Bike Night kit. LOL!)


Urban Mermaid said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the Blog Awards, they're great!Urban Mermaid Designs

Jay said...

ooooooooooo thankies hunnibun xx

Ginger said...

This is the first chance I've had to visit my favorite blogs in days! Thanks for the awards! You rock!