Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun & Enchantment

Well, yesterday didn't start out good - I had to go see the neurologist, although he said unless anything changes, I don't need to go see him again, as I my condition is more or less stablized. There are still days when my hand(s) shake to where I can't type, but it's usually not more than once a month, so...I can live with that.

But then I heard from Toni from Toni's Scraparoni and she's invited me to be on the Sophisti-Scrap's Creative Team! How awesome is that?

(Rowena wags her head and says "Uh oh. That's like letting a kid loose in the a candy store!" It is really. LOL!)

Aside from Toni, Sophisti-Scraps is also home to Soxsational Scraps, Sophisticated Scraps, Aquarius Design, Kirsty's Scraps and Cinnamon Scraps, all some of my favorite designers, so I'm really going enjoy working with them!

Look for a some new tuts coming up soon, although I'm probably going to have to open a separate blog just for the tutorials. We'll see how it goes...

Speaking of Aquarius Design, I'm just finishing up my new kit, which is called Enchanted Forest and which should be in my store this weekend. I'm using the adorable little forest friends templates by Aquarius to make some of the animals...

Enchanted Forest

This is a kit with a real duel personality. On one hand it's really dark and mysterious with a lot of celestial stuff in it, and realistic elements...

Enchanted Forest

While the other half of it is just too adorable for words! I was trying to explain to Rowena about the evil tulips and she's like..."But they're flowers, how can they be evil?" Heh!

Enchanted Forest

I think you gals will really like this kit. I had a lot of fun making it.

Just because I can, I'm having a Dollar Day sale in my store now through the end of May. You can buy any of my kits for just one dollar! And yes, my new Enchanted Forest kit will be included in that sale as soon as I get it packed up and released!

Don't miss out on any of my other great kits - including Watermelon Heaven, Bike Night, and Mama's Magic. And father's day is coming up in June...Something Fishy is a great little kit for Father's Day tags and cards! (Well, I don't know about your dad, but my dad used to take me fishing, so it certainly reminds me of my dad!)

Watermelon Heaven photo DCD_WatermelonHeaven_TS.png Bike Night

Mama's Magic photo DCD_MamasMagic_TS.png Something Fishy Preview

Pop on over to Stargazer Scraps to take advantage of the sale and look for some great tags and tutes this weekend as I start running amuck in the Sophisti-Scraps Candy Store!

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