Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Showers

One of the ladies I work with retired this week after 20 years of service. She didn't really want to retire, and Tom didn't really want to let her go, but her eyesight's been really bad, and her temperament, which has always been crusty at the best of times, has been deteriorating as well, to where some of the clients were complaining about her. And frankly, we need to cut payroll because the work just isn't there.

Last time we went out to lunch, we went to Hoolihan's and everyone was complaining and saying how much nicer The Joint was. (I really like Hoolihan's BTW.) So today we went to The Joint. The ambiance is nice, but it's a very glorified burger and pizza place. I mean...$9 for a cheeseburger with chips?

"Oh, they're Yuka Chips," Rowena says, "they probably imported the Yuka from Mexico." She was very, very pleased because she got to taste Yuka for the first time in her short life.

I just kind of looked at her said "Rowena, this is Florida. I'm sure the Yuka was grown just outside of Arcadia on Carlos' Yuka Farm. Okay."

Since I wasn't paying, I got the $15 salad.

The next time I have guests in that I want to impress, I'll take them down to the Cape Harbour Yacht Club to look at all the little shops and the lovely boats. But we're NOT eating at The Joint.

When Ali released her new "Summer Showers" kit - it's in full and taggers size - I initially wasn't going to get it. But I kept getting drawn in by the colors, so I finally broke down. I'm so glad I did, as it's a delightful kit.

It comes with 32 papers - most saved to 800 x 800 Pxls in taggers size - and 72 elements. She scripted the full sized down for taggers and she didn't go through and check each paper or elements so there are a few oddities, and the solid papers seemed to have escape the scripting. I don't know that was intentional or not.

However, none of that really distracts from the kit.

I am using the Penny Pony poser by Perfect Poser. Charly is still charging around $6 each for her poser packs, but now you get 7 or 8 poses a pack, which brings them down under a $1 each and is more realistic for poser artwork.

I adored both Penny and Peggy Pony, they are rather unique and not something I've seen the other poser artists doing. (If you hurry over to Aussie Scrap, you can grab Penny for 1/2 price. But the sale ends SUNDAY!)

Summer Showers

I love these cute little birds she's got in the kit and the rather adorable ribbon flowers as well. This uses one of the beaded rain curtains - the full page one. That trellis is from a Baby Cakes Scrap element pack - it included in the kit however. I kind of get a kick out of figuring out where the elements came from in some of these kits.

Summer Showers

The rain in this pieces is on the paper and this is one of the papers in the kit that has a problem. It's got a white edge on it. I pulled the paper over so you can't see doesn't make it unusable, but it does look a tad bit shoddy when you see something like that in a kit.

The water splat is from an element pack from Creationz by Jo and I added it in. I was trying for a certain effect but couldn't quite achieve it. After some time browsing my alphas, I decided to go with the Beach Bum alpha from Digi-Designs by Nicole again. Acrylics make for a very versatile alpha.

Summer Showers

Miss Diamond picked this paper out herself and even opened it for me. (Really, she did!) Then she lost interest in the project and took a cat nap. I expect however that one day we'll see little mini-kits created with her own little kitty paws. And they will probably all be Temptation themed!

This tag uses the second of the rain curtains, with is very narrow one. This reminds me of the rain in Florida, here it can rain on one side of the street, but not the other.

I should note that the weather was fine and breeze today, so it did make eating on the deck at The Joint -- overlooking all the yachts -- very pleasant. I can't imagine it's as much fun in the rain.

Summer Showers

The blue jay is from Granny Art. I couldn't decide if it was Granny or Lady Anne - so I looked. Definitely Granny Art.

I mixed both of the rain curtains in for this tag, which I call dodging rain drops, something we always TRY to do in Florida.

I enjoyed this kit so much I'm thinking of using it for my blog layout for June. I know...I should use one of my products, or something from Sophisti-Scraps, but this is really a fun little kit. You can find it at Stargazer Scraps, among other fine online boutiques.

· Be sure to check out my Lullaby of Love tutorial, which is the post under this one. I just adore the way this turned out!

· Scrappy Lover is retiring to pursue a real life career. Between now and June 15th, all of her stuff, including her CU stuff is 70% off. She's in three stores, but the only one with her full catalog is The Digi-Boutique. This is a great way to catch a few bargains, and after the 15th well, it's gone and no one else can get it.

· Syncho-Scrap is back....but now it's at Twilight Scraps! This week's theme is "Just Another Lullaby". And there's a difference. The kits are only free for the weekend. After three days, they go into the store.

· Tristan is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging. Stop by and leave your Cat related link in his comment section to be included in the blog carnival, which will be published on Sunday.


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