Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get out on the highway...

As Ginger might say - it's really mean of me to give you this preview and then make you wait for the kit, but believe me, this is bit more challenging than anything else I've done.

For one thing, I'm doing my own word art. I figure I need to learn to do that. Ginger is still the master, but...I can't rely on her. I mean, what if she runs off with George Clooney somewhere?

And part of the reason for doing these tags is to see if I can actually do something with it before I turn it loose on the unsuspecting scrap world.

So, here we go...

Bike Night

There are three motorcycles in the kit which are courtesy of Outlaw by Design and used in accordance with her terms of service. I do use several other of her bikes in creating elements for the kit, but that is also in accordance with her TOU.

There is one poser chick, and it's not this one. This is one of the runners up. All the chicks in these tags are (c) by Incognito11967. I had hoped to use from of Untamed Angel's posers - I've got enough of 'em - but her TOU prohibits their use in Free-to-Use kits. Incognito has no such restriction on the use of her products.

Bike Night

This is the chick that I decided was going in the kit. She looks like she's ready to ride. I think you'll agree that she's perfect for it.

This was kind of an odd kit to put together as there's no bows, flowers, butterflies, and only one set of ribbons which you can use as frame wraps if you wish. Instead we have tape, buttons, bottle caps (to replace the flowers), and eagles (to replace the butterflies).

The chrome alpha used in this tag is by Scrap Dolly and is NOT a part of the kit. It was however a freebie on her blog and may still be available if you'd like to pick it up. All of the masks I'm using are from Wee Scots Lass and are, of course, available for free download.

Bike Night

With this tag I tried to go for the musical end of things, but I'm not sure how well I succeeded. For all that it has Rock elements in it, it's not a Rock kit. While there are several guitars, a microphone and a set of doodle drums, it's NOT designed to put Van Meowlin' on stage.

Music is, after all, only part of the event. So is beer, so I threw a couple of bottles in to be on the safe side.

This is another of the runner up chicks, but I decided she was too pale for the part. Casting is such hard work!

Bike Night

This chick was not one of the runners up, as she's dressed to get a serious case of road rash. She wasn't even really in the running. However, I'm out chicks in black leather.

I am very pleased with this piece of word art, BTW. I used it in a flair too. :)

So there you have it, a small piece of Bike Night on Cinco de Mayo. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get to bed as I need to drive across town early for a doctors appointment at 7:30 AM. (I am writing this on Monday night, but it won't publish until Tuesday.)

Tag at you later!

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