Thursday, May 7, 2009

The good, the bad, the cute...

Well, there is good news and there is bad news. Isn't that always the way?

The bad news...I went to see the doctor on Tuesday and he changed up my prescription for my pain medication. The old prescription cost $15. The new one costs $60. Still, we needed to do something. How much this will help remains to be seen. Then again...mix in some beer and I probably won't be feeling any pain what so ever.

The good news is that I've been accepted as a designer at Stargazer Scraps. I didn't know if they'd take me, but Suzie had a designer call open so I sent in an application. Pretty cool, huh? Now I' have to get busy! LOL!

I'm also getting my new-to-me used car soon. Like maybe tomorrow. Which would be great because after the drive to the doctor on Tuesday, the Caddy has been acting like it's seriously drunk. I think it has a cracked head. Everyone is surprised it's lasted as long as it has, myself included.

I guess I should get the rest of the crap out of the car now.

I've not really done a lot of tagging. I have several but I just realized that I don't have them uploaded.

What I did do this week though is put together some snags to use at work. I've found I get a much better response from people then I send them entertaining little pictures with the request for information.

You may feel free to snag these if you'd care to use them as well. I used the "Just Sheepy" taggers kit from Krissy's Scraps.

I like sheep and I just bought some new sheepy templates, so one of my new kits is definitely going to be...well...sheepy!

Good Morning

The full sized version of these is 800 x 800. You might want to bump them down a bit if you're going to use them. Since I just cut and paste them into Outlook, I can resize them there. I do have some of them saved at 400 x 400 pxls to use on message boards and the like.

How are Ewe?

The sheep that she did from templates remind me more of poodles than sheep. I do REALLY like the clip art she used though.

A reminder

The cricket is kind of cute too. For a bug. I don't like bugs as a general rule, although I did buy some cute bug templates yesterday was well.

Once again I was using masks from Wee Scots Lass in making these snags. I need to try my hand at mask making. As soon as I get the Sloop template sorted out.

Thank Ewe!

There you go. Julie from Bits'N'Bobs just put out a fabulous pack of Angel posers, so I'll definitely be working on some tags using those over the next couple of days. Check them out, they're fab!

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Ginger said...

$60?!?! That better be some good medicine! LOL!