Sunday, July 27, 2008

Floral Forest Fantasy

The latest kit from Tizzy Made Me Do this is Floral Forest Fantasy which you can get at Digital Chaos.

Diamond is of course, very fond of flowers. She loves to munch on any I bring into the house. In his first piece, she is will some of her Autumn Forest Friends which were done by Danielle Engebretson and which can be found at Digital Freebies.

Diamond's Forest Fantasy

Since I was afraid she might eat her friends, being the mighty huntress she is, I made her stay in a frame for that one.

In this one, she's out of the frame and having fun playing hide and seek in the forest.

Diamond's Floral Fantasy

My Grams very much like flowers too, so I sent her off into to woods to enjoy them as well.

Grams in the Forest Garden

There is a Freebie Add On for it. This last pieces was done using just the add on:

Floral Forest Fantasy (Add on)

Much fun! Well, I suppose I must go and do laundry now. I've procrastinated enough for one day.

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