Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Jurassic Art

With the season nearly over, it strikes me as the wrong time of the year to do more layouts as I'm never going to get them signed. However, as Andres said "There's always spring training."

In any case, Juan Sanchez has been on a tear the the other reason for doing these is to use them in the game recaps. As I only had like two pieces for him, I thought I should expand that selection a bit.

So here we go...

GCL Twins
Juan Sanchez

GCL Twins
Jon Goncalves

GCL Twins
Xavier Brown

GCL Twins
Hyun-wook Choi

GCL Twins
Danny Ortiz

GCL Twins
Aaron Hicks

I also have to say, as far as autographing is concerned, this year's batch has been been memorable for having a pair of stubborn ones in it. Danny Ortiz is notable, although T.J. says he fine, I can never get him to stop long enough to use the pen. Aaron was okay until he signed the Autograph deal, now he acts like I'm suddenly going to list this stuff on e-bay.

And get what? 50 cents less my sellers fee? Let's get real here. It costs me $2.50 just to print these things, not to count the time that goes into putting them together.

As before the Jurassic Art kit is by Angela Sharrow and is available from Digital Freebies.

Speaking of which, it is new release Tuesday at Digital Freebies. Unless you like ploppers however, there seems little on today's offering that I find of interest. A couple of Alphas and maybe the brad factory - as I was kind of looking for some brads for the Jurassic Art kit.

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