Sunday, July 4, 2010

Top Gun!

Well, the computer showed up yesterday and w00t! It works! So now I'm in the process of restoring everything which is gonna take a while.

I'm working backwards and so far, I've only got through Feb 2oth of 2010. Urgh...

On a happier note however, Mary sent me a great tag using my Freedom of Expression taggers kit. This one is free, so be sure you grab it if you've not done so already and ride the rails for the rest of the freebies on the Freedom of Expression train.

Top Gun

She wanted to know what kind of movies I like. I'm pretty impartial, but we mostly watch Action/Adventure because that's what the SO likes.

So she did a great Top Gun tag!

You can check out more of Mary's work at her album.

Thanks Hun!

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