Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Burst of Spring

These three tags were done with the Burst of Spring kit from Heartbeatz Creationz. This is a full sized kit that I scripted down to taggers size with some odd results. I need to find the backup disk and see if I can figure out why it did what it did on certain things.

The poser in the first two tags is Bunny by Lacy Clagg, and the Bunny Egg in the last tag, which is also be Lacy Clagg, was part of her 2008 Easter Fr33bie.

Burst of Spring 1

The mask is from Wee Scots Lass. I was trying to give the impression of butterflies swarming about in the background; not sure how successful I was with that.

Burst of Spring 2

The realistic flowers are from The Maltese Scrapper, these were part of a give away she did in January when she was longing for some spring weather. Sadly, there's been a lot more winter since.

It did occur to me that this point that I should go get Jay's realistic flower packs, especially with the March Madness prices in effect, so I jumped on line and got those before I finished the 3rd tag.

Burst of Spring 1

I kink of like the little bunny egg guy, actually. So the realist flowers in this tag are by Jay. I really like her sunflower set, I'm glad I snagged that. Should come in very handy.

The word art is from Ginger's House and the pastel glitters came from Arty Pharty. I'd download a big fr33bie glitter set off the Digifr33, but in the end I wasn't happy with them, deleted the lot and went out and bought CU packs, which have worked much better for me.

I might restore this kit to full size and use it for our Easter cards this year, I haven't decided yet. It's gonna depend on the pictures that I decide to use on the cards.

On a side note, I was coming out of Sweetbay (Grocery Store) yesterday when my new neighbor stopped me and asked if she could use my backyard. She wants to paint my tree:

My old Banyon

You don't see to many Banyons these days, so I can understand why she'd want to paint it. I told her as long as she cleans up after herself, to feel free.

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