Friday, March 6, 2009

Emerald Sky

The posers in these three tags are from Outlaw by Design and are from of her fr33-to-use section. I'd been snagging fr33bies from other sites, trying to find something workable for St. Patrick's Day but for the most part, I was not all that impressed by the quality.

So I turned to Outlaw and this pretty much made up my mind about getting a subscription.

Emerald Sky 1

The scraps are from the Emerald Sky Blog Train, a short but sweet ride on the new "Goodie Train". Gemini Creationz was the only designer to jump the track on this one, everyone else showed up with some very good stuff.

The Shamrock is from a doodle by Mystical's Scrap Designz, I just pasted one of the background papers into selection to create it.

Emerald Sky 2

The shamrocks in this piece are also from Outlaw by Design and were part of the fr33bie edition she posted near the end of last month.

Emerald Sky 3

The shamrocks in this are also from doodles by Mystical and on the whole, gave me a fit as they are open at one end...I remember that from when I used them in the Irish Eyes kit, but I had a heck of a time finding the open spot again.

The pot of gold is also from one of Mystical's doodle and is in my Irish Eyes kit, I just swiped from there for expediency. I did a bit of tube mixing as the cat is from Deanna's Dreams. I didn't notice a non-tube mixing bit in either of the their terms of use, so....

The Lucky word art is courtesy of Bits'N'Bobs. You can snag it off Julie's blog.

The girls at work were giving me a hard time because I'd brought in some St. Patrick's Day stuff to put on my desk, but you's my second favorite holiday. (Halloween is my favorite holiday). That being said...stay tuned for more Irishness!

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