Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Groovy Baby!

As I mentioned in my last post, the theme for this week's Synchro-Scrap at Exquisite Scraps is "Groovylicious". There are six kits available for download and they are totally FREE - for this week. After that, they become PTU kits.

Just a Girl's Design, Bits'N'Bobs, Chili Designz, & Gemini Creations have taggers sized kits available, while Creative Intentionz, and Krissy's Scraps offer you a choice of taggers or full size.

Lots of fun elements and bright colors, plus some iconic symbols from the Sixties and the "Summer of Love".

You can snag the kits HERE.


The Zeony poser is (c) by R.J. and is available (for free) in the Archive section of Poser Emporium. She's a bit on the weird side, and I get a kick out of her. I also get a kick out of the roach clip that JAG included in the kit.

Aside from the Lava Lamp, there's also a mood ring that didn't make it into either of the tags. But no pet rocks. :(


Flower power and a little love bus, which reminds me quite a bit of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine.

I think I might change up the layout on Tristan's blog and use this theme, it's just sooo much fun, and he's such a peace nick.


Julie, from Bits'N'Bobs, included two specially made posers in her kit. While the Synchro-Scrap spawned several commercial use templates that are available at Exquisite, I can't help but feel the whole Synchro-Scrap idea would be served a little better if some the designers came up with add ons - such as a poser pack - that would be offered for sale in the store.

There is a Clip Art set available at Digiweb Studios. One of the clip art hippies is included in JAG's kit, and one of the other designers does use the clip art in their kit, but we'll get to that in due time.


There's lots of word art in the Bits'N'Bobs kit. While I'm taking each kit as a stand alone, you could also combine them for a collab effort if you were so inclined.

I'll have more on these theme in a bit. I was doing alright until we got to Earth Hour, and then the lights out thing sort of knocked me out as well, and I think I'm headed to bed now.

Peace Out!


Ginger said...

Today is the first time in a while that I've been able to visit! I cna't believe your boss forgot to pay the power bill. LOL! Hope he doesn't forget to pay you! I can't wait to see the kits you've got coming out. Feel free to include the wordart you liked.

Anonymous said...

H wow! I have been so into a 60's psychedelic mood lately hehe
There are great and the colours are awesome! :)