Monday, March 9, 2009


I got nothing really accomplished that I wanted to do with weekend. In part, I just seem tired all the time. I had to leave work on Thursday because I was falling asleep at my desk and couldn't help myself.

Not sure why that happens. My mother seems to think I might be hyper-glacimic, but nothing has ever shown up in the bloodwork that the doctors pull bi-yearly on me. ::Shruggs::

Happily, my boss is pretty understanding of my health issues.

Putting on the Glitz is a brand new kit from Scrappin' with Little Ole Me. I REALLY liked the colors on this one, and they also went great with the Blue Gaia Fairy from KairinaKat Kreations. Since I haven't had a chance to work with all of Shelly's new posers, I was happy to have an excuse to play with this one.

Putting on the Glitz 1

The rose is this piece came from one the CU packages by Chili Designs. Those are a full sized resource and are of course HUGE, but they are also very nice to have. I should probably script them down for now, I can always restore them to full sized later if/when I get a system that can handle full size scrap again.

This was origially intended to be a tag for the designer, but for some reason I got "Carol" instead of "Cindy". Carol is my sister, so perhaps I was subcontinously thinking about her?

I hear she bought a new (used) car - an Impalla. That would be very good news, except the girl has Epilepsy and shouldn't be driving in the first place. But let's not go there, shall we?

Anyway, the alpha I used to do the name plate is the Scripted Jewels alpha from Bizee 1 Digi-Arts.

Putting on the Glitz 1

My tag! Ha! Ha! This turned out real nice and like I said, I adore the colors.

Putting on the Glitz 1

I should go back and tute this one. It started out with one of Cameron's masks, and just took on a life of it's own. And it was fun to do, as well!

Putting on the Glitz 1

This was a bit of let down after the third tag. I'd seen this layout in another tute and sort of wanted to try it, but it just wasn't working for me.

I used another of Cameron's masks on it as well. She just put out a new pop collection, so I had to play with some of them.

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Anonymous said...

The colours are gorgeous! Normally blue and purple just look wrong, but you made it look so right :)
You could have something called reactive hypoglycemia, when you have the GTT you get a high sugar reading, yet when you get the run of the mill prick tests they are usually ok.
It;s because of the way your body processes teh sugar, if you have to much(not just sugar but all carbs) you body over compensates and you get the hypos...
It may not be, but it may be.. This is what I have... and I used to fall asleep on my desk a whole lot, could do anything to stop it, even getting up and walking around?