Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock Baby

The Syncho-Scrap for the week over at Exquisite Scraps is "Groovylicious". I should have figured that one out early from all the 60's themed CU products they were kicking out. There are currently seven kits available for FR33 - yes that's right ABSOLUTELY FR33 - so jump over to Exquisite Scraps and pick them up.

I'll do some tags with them this weekend. I tossed everything I'd done with the Spring Bears and restarted with a new color template yesterday and it's working out much better. The title of the kit is now going to be "Blooming Bears", and I should be done with it...soon.

For now, here's a few more Rock tags. These use the that I used in the previous set using the "Rock On" kit from Cinnamon Scraps.

(Rowena runs into my office with one of the pictures off her gradenza and says "Look, I have a skirt just like that! See?"

"It's probably not as short, though," I said.

"Well no."

"And doesn't that chick look like Joan Jett?"

"Yeah, she does, actually. I knew I'd seen her before.")

Rock Baby

That microphone might be a bit over sized. Then again, maybe she just likes big microphones. I couldn't decide.

The mask is from Cinnamon Scraps.

Rock Baby

This time the mask is from Wee Scots Lass. The guitar, drums, amp and yes, microphone, come with the kit. There wasn't a guitar stand, so I'm sort of pretending there's one there. Otherwise the guitar wouldn't be standing up.

Rock Baby

All the chrome work musical elements (and the CD) comes with the kit as well, as does the pick, which I used as a tag. I like the flairs she's got in there, but couldn't work them into the tags as much as I'd have liked as they'd have been redundant.

The Elvis Costello poster does not come in the kit. LOL!

Rock Baby

I manufactured the guitar strap and it didn't work out as well as I wanted. The silhouette behind the drums is one of Bits'N'Bobs Sexy Silhouettes, another element pack I got at US4T which is not available at Exquisite.

I any of the girl bands actually have pink instruments? That would be fun to see!

On a side note I allegedly have a "new to me" car. At least, I've been told Jose has found one for me and is "patching it up", whatever that means. It's mid 90s, but only 55K miles on it, so that's not too bad. Supposedly a Chrysler Eagle of some sort.

Well, if it will get me around town without belching out tons of smoke, I'll be happy. The Caddy is about done for.

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