Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've talked about Eggbert from Bits'N'Bobs a couple of time, so I thought I'd share a few tags with you featuring the darling little duck.

The Scraps are from BNB's Springtime blog train kit, which is fr33 (but only for a limited time).

Eggbert 1

I had to resize Eggbert down to 35% to use him for tags, so as I mentioned before, he's available as a full sized embellishment if you'd like to use him as such. That's the nice thing about Julie's posers...they're BIG.

The Bunny Bows were created using an action by Incognito. They're very cute.

Eggbert 2

That's what kind of miffs me...there's all sorts of fun things being created for Photoshop's Creative Suite, but it's just too expensive for me to consider. (Not to mention it probably won't run on my antiquated system.)

Eggbert 3

Learning to fly? I don't think those wings are going to hold him.

I like what Julie did with the Chocolate Bunny - turning him into a pin and a key chain. That never occurred to my unimaginative self!

Anyway, cute pastel fun.

Julie is participating in both The Goodie Train and the Hippity Hop Blog Train, so be sure to visit her blog tomorrow and Wednesday to pick up even more goodies! (After you've visited here, of course!)

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