Thursday, March 19, 2009

Victoria Fire Charity Kit

These four tags were done using "Phoenix" the Victoria Fire Charity Kit which is available at Aussie Scrap Store. There are five posers that come with the kit, but I chose to use "Citrus" by Perfect Posers instead as she went better with the color scheme.

This isn't what I wanted to do with these tags, but I didn't have internet at the time and couldn't find pictures from the Victoria Fire to use, so...

Phoenix Charity Collab

I used one of Cameron's masks on this tag...I think they were all Cameron's masks unless noted otherwise. (On a side note, she's got a new mask pack & texture pack available on her blog.)

This has to be the worst zipped file I've ever downloaded. Most of the files are duplicated in the zip, in one case, a file is triplicated. So the zip is probably twice as large as it needs to be. I mentioned it to Gail, who said her IT guy did the zip on it, but it's really a bad job.

That should not stop by from buying the kit however, as it's for a good cause. All of the proceeds go help the victims of the Victoria bush fire.

Phoenix Charity Collab

For some reason, the Koala is not named Sam. Common...get with the program ladies!

Phoenix Charity Collab

The kangaroo was from the one of the Aussie Animal clip art packs from Digiweg Studios. I thought about using more, but I felt I should really use the items that came in the kit first, so you could get a preview. The cow poser does come with the's one of Gail's.

No Mask on this one. The background paper was two toned to start with.

Phoenix Charity Collab

This on the other hand was a double masked deal, and I can't remember...but I think it was a Wee Scots Lass mask. I did these this past weekend and I've had so much going on it seems like a decade ago!

(Don't worry, I do this at work too, and now I'm really confused because I didn't make notes and can't remember why I made this one entry. Oops!)

Anyway...last night was productive. We've got our internet working at home again - finally! - and I got some work done on my Hippity Hop blog train kit. :)

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