Friday, March 20, 2009

More Sex in the City

The posers, in all four tags, plus the scraps in the first two are from Bits'N'Bobs portion of the Sex in the City group scrap from Exquisite Scraps. The license plates in all our tags are from Created by Jill. Remember, time's running out to get these kits for Fr33, so if not done so, head over to Exquisite scraps now!

Sex in the City

This is a double masked piece with both masks coming from Wee Scots Lass. Julie's posers are a little on the risque side, but the girls are properly clad. I'm not sure the shoes work though. They look unrealistically uncomfortable.

Sex in the City

I started out with the idea of doing hearts in the background of all the tags...there is one on this tag, but it sort of gets lost between the paper and the elements.

Sex in the City

Tags three and four feature the scraps of Captivated Visions. When I started doing this tag, I didn't realize that she had the buildings to scale, and had to go back and rework it.

Sex in the City

This is the tag where the shoes just...I don't know... really don't seem to work.

I haven't been to New York City in years and while I'm generally not much of shopper, do want to go shopping when you're in New York. Oh my...

On a side note, the ladies at Exquisite have put together a Charity Collab Kit for Sox, who suffers from the fairly rare Sjogren's Syndrome. It's out today in the store with the proceeds going to help pay for the costs of Treatments she requires.

The Charity Kit for Farrah was released at Scrappin' Bratz yesterday, and I hope to work with it this weekend. Both look great!

Chugging along on the blog train kit - I put together an easter egg wreath that I'm rather pleased with last night. I have 10 flowers you think I need more flowers? It is a spring kit after all...

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