Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Driving Force

This is a project that I started back in January, not too long after Untamed Angel released her Grand Prix poser pack. I'm not a big fan of racing - or at least motorized racing - but I do rather like the backdrop and all the things surrounding it.

Off to the Races

This first tag was created using the Off to the Races kit by Dreams Fulfilled. It's a full sized kit that I scripted down to taggers size. DF later released some cars to go with it, but at the time I did this, they only had the trucks, which were done from templates made by Scrappin' Cop.

On a side note, and a bit of a pet peeve of late ... I had stopped by a Sara's Scraps to grab some Fr33bie doodles she had listed and there was a very rude message from some who didn't like the fact that she hadn't noted if the doodles were full or taggers size. I can understand that yes, as a tagger I can script full down to tagger, and you can't do it the other way around...but...

Tagger sized material, especially at 300 dpi, can still be used for brag book pages up 5 x 7 inch size. So if you like it and you know what your doing, it's still not a total waste of your time to download taggers sized material. On top of that, irregardless of what size it is, someone worked hard to put it together, and they deserve at least a little bit of respect. If you want to leave a comment, leave a nice comment, there's no reason to get nasty about it.

Okay, back to the races...

Truck Stop 1

Truck Stop by Ivory's Designz is a PTU tagger sized kit, which I got for a buck at P4S Dollar Tuesdays. It's designed for the big rigs, not racing trucks, but it's hard to find good automobile themed kits. I do like the way these both these tags turned out.

The masks on all of the tags in this post are by Wee Scots Lass. At least, I think they are. If I change my mind I'll note it on the tag in question.

Truck Stop 2

The White Grunge Alpha is from Dreams Fulfilled (fancy that!) and was also a fr33bie. I should probably fix the line up on the "curves" part, I didn't realize it was that disjointed.

Finish Line 1

The Maltese Scrapper put out a set of license plates for the US and since I was buying that, I also bought her Route 66 element pack that I've wanted for a long while. That's where the Texaco sign came from.

The car is one of the one's from the above referenced Dreams Fulfilled kit. The rest of the scraps are from the Finish Line Mini-taggers fr33bie by Kristin's Wicked Scrapz.

Both the license plates and the Route 66 signs, plus the scraps from this kit are going into next week's T-13, which will be a road trip across America.

Finish Line 2

A few more of those Route 66 signs grace this tag, also done with the Finish Line kit. Since the tags are generally race themed, I was trying to stick with product signs and away from the vintage signs. I'll use the vintage ones for the T-13 layouts.

Speed Limit 1

Speed Limit was a PTU taggers sized kit from Tantrum Scraps which you can now pick up HERE if you'd like it. It'd done largely in shades of black and white, which suited me just fine, as I like black and white.

The major downfall is that there are a lot of "stickers" and the layouts end up looking a little tacky if you use too many stickers. On the upside, I do like the chrome elements.

Speed Limit 2

The car is part of the background paper. The screws are courtesy of the Maltese Scrapper.

Road Trip 1

Road Trip is a taggers sized kit from Voodoo Scraps with some odd sized papers (600 x 500 pxl). Rather than complain about the situation, I made do. The key is from Tammy's Keys element pack, although a set of car keys to come in the kit. I love that key chain.

The plate in the background is from the Maltese Scrapper and the word art is courtesy of the Rolling Stones. LOL!

The odd part - for me - about this kit was the road signs, as the U.K. version are different from the American signs. Just a small bit of cultural shock.

Road Trip 2

Last the car mats. Tammy is designer of the month at Angelic Scraps, so her stuff is on sale right now. I really love her commercial use items - some great stuff!

Anyway, that does it for our little tool around the racing world.

(I’m a driver, I’m a winner; things are gonna change I can feel it)

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