Thursday, May 28, 2009

CT duties and a few fairies

According to the CT rules for Sophisti-Scrap, I'm supposed to join the forum at DigiShop Talk. I am getting the distinct impression that it's all traditional Digiscrap as opposed to tagging and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if I got looked down on.

I fail to see the problem. Tagging is a legitimate part of the industry and generates sales and revenues. If it's not your cup of tea, fine, but there's no reason to look down on taggers.

Yesterday was Fairy Find Wednesday at Enchanted Studio Scraps and I can usually find some killer CU stuff there. I was not disappointed but I couldn't add anything to my cart, or get checked out. Happily, I went back this morning and the $1 products were still a buck. So I did get some good stuff.

Stop by tomorrow for a NEW tagger sized freebie. This is an element pack that matches both my Sail Away kit (currently in the boutique at Stargazer Scraps) and my soon to be released The Big Kahuna taggers kit. I had hoped to do a full and tagger sized version of this, but I only had the beach bags in taggers size, so....that's what you're struck with. Maybe next time around.

I did the following three tags around Easter and just never put them up, likely because I kept meaning to do a fourth and never got to it.

Eggstra Special Collab

The posers are all (c) BY KairinaKat Kreations. I really have not had the time to make use of her posers the way I would like, and need to get back to doing a bit for tagging, instead of designing all the time. (But darn it all...designing is fun!)

The scraps are from Eggstra Special Easter Collab from Creative Scraps. It's available in the collab section of the Creative Scraps Store for $5.00 and it's a very nice kit for the money!

Eggstra Special Collab

If you take out the Eastery elements, it would make a lovely kit for fairy layouts/tags. As with most of these collabs, part of the kit is in full size and part is tagger. I scripted the full size pieces down to tag with.

Eggstra Special Collab

I think that about does it. Technically, it's still Spring - Summer doesn't start until June 21st, but you couldn't prove that given the weather in Southwest Florida. I've actually had to start turning the A/C on in the evenings because it's just too darn hot.

I'm off now to go plunder Sophisti-Scraps. I was just over there and found some great new products I want to snag. More on those later!

Once we get past the freebie blitz this weekend, I'll have several more tutes for you using products from Toni's store. She's really got a great bunch of designers over there!


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Pretty layouts

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beautiful things on this blog !