Saturday, October 24, 2009

Medical Mayhem is on it's way!

Chicken Soup

The Medical Mayhem Blog Train leaves the station on Monday, October 26th, and there's some great themed kits on the way for you!

I mentioned before that my contribution is a bit off the beaten path. Frankly I could do with a little holistic medicine right now as I came down with a lovely head cold Thursday, and have pretty much been sleeping the last two days.

I did manage to crawl out to Sweetbay this morning and replace my dwindling reserves of juice and cold meds, but I could really do with a nice bit pot of chicken soup. Sadly I did not have enough energy to make it that far, so I guess I'll settle for a can of Vegi Soup instead. ;P

Also just a reminder, but time is running out on some of the snags currently available. If you've not yet grabbed my Witchy Woman kit, you need to do so by Midnight, tomorrow, because once the Medical Mayhem Train goes live, Witchy Woman becomes a PTU kit.

Both the Fangtasia and the Ghost Train freebies expire on Halloween Night.

Of course, don't forget to get dressed up in your Halloween best and come Trick-or-Treating here at Digicats, because I'm going to have a special, very limited edition kit for you to download. It's only going to be available for 24-hours, then it goes away, so make sure your on time!

And finally the Gothic Inspirations Autumn Blessings CU Train takes off on November 1st. This is a great train for designers and scrappers alike and having looked at some of the previews that have come through on the designers list, you won't want to miss it!

Anyway, it's back to bed for me...but remember to come back Monday - same bat time, same bat channel - for some more snagging goodness!

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