Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Seasonal Owl


Jan Brett is a writer/illustrator of children's books. This owl is one of the characters in her books and it was taken off her website at

Her TOU states: Jan Brett grants to you a non-exclusive license to use and display for your personal use the artwork and text on these pages, and to download and print materials available through these pages, all solely for your personal, classroom, or library non-commercial use.

So, since it's for personal non commercial use on my website, I saw no reason I couldn't make a tag out of it.

I used Scrappy Lover's Winterland kit for the scraps, so it has a nice winter flavor. I love the snow & the cold, just can't take it with my arthritis anymore. Even the Florida cold crawls through me and gets into my bones.

While I was surfing the web yesterday I did come across a "Build your own Hoot" kit, a freebie, but the link was no longer valid. (Boo! Hiss!)

Anyway, yesterday's recommended downloads:

A really cute Christmas Mice Freebie:

Playful Penguins freebie:

Build your own snow globe by Farrah's Creations

The first two downloads are .rar files. If you are using Winzip, these files are supported by the program.

If you're not using Winzip you can get a free translator at:

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