Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Freebie Fun

Ann at Zoolatry wanted something "fally" for Zoey and Maggie. I'm doing something for the Scary Monsters T-13 for the two as well, but put together the following coordinated fall pieces in 5 x 7 format:

Himalayan Cat,Autumn

Himalayan Cat,Autumn

In both cases, the main kit I used was Fall Freebie from Crystal at Scrap Happiness. (You can download from their freebie center). The frames are freebies from JoBeth Scraps, the Felt Alpha is from Clever Crow Design Studio, the leaves are from the Autumn Forest Friends Element Pack by Daniel Engbretson Designs, and the two butterflies are from Scrappy Redhead's Mini-Fall Freebie which you can also find at Scrap Happiness.

Scrap Happiness has a huge Autumn Collab kit for sale and in getting that you can pick up their Halloween themed October freebie for free! What a great deal!

In the same vein, I did a Tag for my sister. Note: Carol has no idea what a tag is, doesn't have a need for one, and doesn't even have a computer. She's afraid of the internet.


This also uses Crystal's Fall Freebie, the Alpha from Clever Crow Design Studio, and the leaves from the Autumn Forest Friends Element Pack by Daniel Engbretson Designs,

The Fae has ballerina shoes on, sort of appropriate for my sister who was very much into ballet as a youngster, and is the September offering from Carolyn McComas a.k.a. Ratmomma (© 2008).

I was very bad, and forgot to add the copyright info to the tag, but as it's never going to appear anywhere, except here, perhaps that's okay.

Carol, like my mother has blinding blond hair, and like my mother, wouldn't appreciate the dark locks on "her" fairy, but she'll probably never see it, so what does it matter?

Except for the Autumn Forest Friends Pack, everything that went into these tags was a freebie!

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