Friday, October 3, 2008

A haunting we will go

Zoolatry is doing Spooky Saturdays for the month of October, instead of High-Five Saturdays, and Diamond and I are Honored to have been selected as Ghost Artist. One of our Spooky scrapbook kitty cat tags will be featured along with their lovely Photoshopped creations.

After doing 13 House Panthers last week, we're sort of swinging the other way and going with 13 Hauntingly Bootiful Felines for this week's T-13. Here's our first grouping of four ghostly gatos...

Howl-N-Scream,Himalayan Cat

Tybalt, Prince of Cats appears here in the freebie Gothic Confusion kit from Bluedream Designs. And this time, I did do purple rain. Tybalt does great movie reviews every Friday, so be sure to check out his blog.

Howl-N-Scream,Domestic Cat

Not quite the ghost of Yankee's hero's past, Mickey Mantle haunts a dark graveyard, courtesy of Chaos Priestess Night of the Dead kit.

Howl-N-Scream,Domestic Cat

Inside Castle Diamond, we find a duo haunting for a pair of cats who also have famous names, Donny and Marie. The Castle Diamond interior is from Scrappy Redhead's From Dusk till Dawn kit.

Howl-N-Scream,Siamese Cat

Tavi of Camie's Kitties is looking very Spookable here in this set up from Honored Scraps. This is more of a fun kit, and doesn't have the dark gothic feel to it that some fo the other pieces to, but Tavi is the kind of cat that needs a bit of amusment in her life.

I'm to contemplate turning MIss Diamond into the Grim Reaper for this week. It would be really kind of hard to to a black ghost kitty....or would it? I wonder...

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MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Diamond you and your mommy are so very talented with these scrapbook pages. Such fun and creative designs. The kitties all look so frightful! We also love autumn so much and have our Halloween decoration up on the fireplace mantle...wonder what I should knock down first hee hee.
Love Miss Peach