Friday, October 24, 2008

Birds of a Feather

I'm not really happy, in retrospect, with that first Halloween Owl I did using the Scrappiles of Digi Style freebie.

So I think I will rework that. With everyone (still) giving out free Halloween kits, I've got plenty of scrap material to work with.

Prior the the release of Hallo HOOT, the same owl was released sitting on a tombstone, and I had not done anything with that. So...

Haunted Halloween Hoot


The "Forget me not" character is of course (c) 2008 by Tiffany Kennedy of Scrappiles of Digi Style. The rest of the scraps are from the Creature Comforts kit which is (c) 2007 by Jennifer Lieberenz & Danielle Fenning and which we're still collecting from

I really enjoy doing these owls. I need to go through my clipart collection and see if there are any more in there I can use. (Of course, I can always redesign with the owls I already have.)

Thanksgiving Day Owl


This painted owl is (c) 2008 by Capricious Scraps. The Pilgrim hat was a piece of clipart I snagged from Pastiche Family Portal.

The background scraps are (c) 2008 by Soxsational Scraps from her Autumn Dreams kit and the leaves are from Queenbrat's Leaf Pack 1. The Puffy Alpha was a freebie from Misschifis.

Thankfull Tabby

tabby cat,tiger,Autumn,Thanksgiving

This Tabby/Tiger is (c) 2008 by Paci Tubes and the background scraps are from Candy's Treats Cozy Autumn scrapkit.

While I was viewing a showcase blog, I ran across a reference to the Digiwebstudio. This is why so many designers are using the same pieces of clipart in their kits. Now I know where they get them from.

I didn't like the owls they had, but they did have a bunch of tabbies, so I probably need to pick those up so I can do some designs for Tris & Friends.

Black cats aren't nearly as hard to find as Tabbies!

Moving along....

Chilly & Frosty


This adorable little Winter Penguin was a freebie from Diviant Designer and is (c) 2008 by the same. I used the Frosty's Friends scrapkit from Designs by Ali.

I was looking at the new releases at Taggers Scraps and telling myself "No more snowman kits!" I don't care how cute they are! ::Sheesh::

Come on ladies! Do penguins or something! Or tabbies!

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