Friday, October 17, 2008

No rest for the weary

So, I was thinking to myself, last night, great, I can sit back and do what I want to do for an evening. No such luck. I remembered we're scheduled to Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos this weekend, so I needed to do headers and possibly some graphics for that.

Then, I saw on Cat Blogosphere that Tiki of Camie's Kitties had been helped to the bridge. He was old, and sick and wasn't really fighting anymore, so it was probably time for him to go.

So I did a memorial graphic for him:

Siamese Cat,In Memorial

I used a kit that I just bought at Taggers Scraps, called Sunfidulgence, which is from the creative genious of Scraps by Jessica. It has a lot of rainbow and bling and it going to be really nice for fairy tags.

However, we refer to our animals friends as passing "over the rainbow bridge" it works for that too.

(When my mom shipped me off to a Catholic school, I was taught that pets didn't go to heaven because they didn't have souls. I don't know if that teaching has changed, but the idea of the rainbow bridge sort of sprang out of that. Frankly, if heaven's so snooty they won't allow our pets in, then I'd rather pass over the rainbow bridge myself.)

I did "go shopping" at Taggers and at Digital Chaos. I got six taggers kits at Taggers and two at Digital, plus a full size version of CBJ's Goth Child kit which I'm kind of thinking of using for a blog layout.

Besides, I like the colors.

One of the other kits I got was the Snowflake kit from Scrappy Lovers. I've wanted this one for the last week now...


The Fae is from Incognito's Fairy Pack 3 which is a freebie. The little red cat in the backround who's helping to trim the tree is from Brandi's Creations Stuffed Animals 2 set.

Granted, it is very similar to the Snow Fae I posted yesterday, largely because the Fae are very close.

Snow Princess uses the kit by the same name from Cinnamon's Scraps. This time the Fae is from Incognito's Fairy Pack I


The little cat is from Brandi's Creations, same collection as noted above.

And then of course, there was poor Tristan who got ignored in the rush leading up to T-13.

tabby cat,Cowboy

This uses Cowboy Fun from Scrappy Lover, another kit was considering for a blog background. I'm not sure yet though. The kit is kind of ribbon heavy, I'm not sure what to do with some of the items. I'll be interested in seeing some her creative teams' layout work using it.

Tonight I need to track down the Kung Fu Panda pack I'd downloaded a while ago. The theme for this week's T-13 is Costumed Capers, and I've got a Panda Mask I can use on one of the cats and/or dogs. (We have some more woofies to work with this week!)

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