Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ploppin' Fool

I did finish up four of the five tags I had to do for Thursday and I even know the identity of the last mystery guest. I also have to see about doing a Masque of the Red Death costume for Countess Diamond, as she is hosting the "event".

Otherwise I was playing the "ploppers" that I got off the SNS Blog Train this weekend. All but one were from Sassy's Imagination.

These are all for the November 6th Fall Themed T-13.


tabby cat,Autumn

Feather was the odd one out, as her quick page came courtesy of WD Designz (but still off the SNS Blog Train). The feather and the butterfly were also from that collaboration, although I didn't note which designers did which. The Painted Fall Alpha is by TempusFugit.


Domestic Cat,Autumn

One of the senior citizens of the Cat Blogosphere, Halloween got plopped into the Creamsicle quick page. She probable wishes she had a Creamsicle to eat.

The Hallow Alpha is by AllieKat Creations.

Mr. Tigger

tabby cat,Autumn

Mr. Tigger plopped into one of the SI quick pages. The Felt Fall Alpha is from Miss Crow/Clever Crow Designs.


tabby cat,Autumn

I'm not sure which kit this is from, but I like the page. That's the bad thing about SI's quick pages, I don't always know where she designed them from, and sometimes I really like the elements I see.

The Autumn Alpha is by leacindy9-at-yahoo-dot-de. I hate putting down e-mail addies on the web, but that's the only credit that came with it.

Maggy & Zoey

Himalayan Cat,Autumn

Himalayan Cat,Autumn

The pages were from the same kit, so they match and I used the same stitched felt lettering on them, which was a freebie from Raspberry Road Designs.

I was going to use the 5 x 7's I'd designed for them, but then I figured naw...that the heck. I have all these ploppers.

So, these six, combined with the Miss Peach and Spooky Do, give me 8 tags already done for November sixth. Easy Peasy.

Okay, it's cheating, kind of. But I need a break once in a while.



Today's doodle theme is "ghosts". I combined elements from Scrappy Redhead's "not really Halloween" Halloween kits to create this quick little graphic to go with the doodle for Tristan's blog. Tomorrow's theme is Vampires, and we'll be using the little Vampire Bat Bear I posted yesterday.


I had nothing planned for a post for Miss Diamond however, but I found a cute little kit called Halloween Rufus at Creative Scraps. In the end, I used the cat, pumpkin and paper from that kit, and the witch, bat and word art from Brandi's Creations' Happy Halloween kit to put the above little graphic together.

The Halloween Rufus kit is by Silent Dreamer Designs.

She ended up posting about the hero dog that rescued the four kittens from a fire down under.

The cooler weather seems to have cooled the combatant's down as well. They were both on the bed this morning, not quite within paw's reach of each other.

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Gail said...

Thank you for sharing your odds and ends with The Maltese Scrapper. Loved the Koala Dundee!!!