Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wicked Witch & the Tabby of Terror

I love Brandi's Creations. She does some amazing 3-D work and she gives it away for free and allows commercial use as well.

Her Wizard of Oz kit, which lacks only Toto, is a hoot. But the following pair of designs are from the LeRoy Add On:

Halloween,Wizard of Oz

The Scraps are from the Freebie Fright Night kit from Candy's Treats, and the Bloody Mess alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking. I forgot where I got the broom from (bad girl).

The picture of the Wicked Witch is (c) 1939 MGM Studios, unless it's already gone over into public domain. I'm never sure with these things anymore.

There are several pieces to the Fright Night kit, including the Pumpkin Add-on, and the Work Art add-on neither of which I used in this piece.

Halloween,Wizard of Oz

The same copyright applies to the mural that I used in this piece. The scraps are from Kathy Goldstein's What a Scream and Tag Your It Halloween kits.

The "Tag Your It" kit is one of the things I bought on AhhhScraps $1.00 sale.

I was really surprised however, when a 3-D artist going by Calypso Designs moved into several stores, including Crafty Scraps with designs that are fairly similar to Brandi's. I don't have a use for 90% of them, and I think Brandi does a better job in any case, but I couldn't pass on the Halloween Cat 4-pack.

Especially as Tristan wanted some Tabby Graphics to share with his Tabby friends.

(For what it's worth, I think Calypso's "Cute Baby" looks scary, but that's just me.

tabby cat,Halloween

The Scraps are from Urban Mermaid's Doodle Daze Halloween collection. See the Devil Boy post for a list of kits available in that collection.

The Alpha was a freebie from Andjelina's Designs, which you can snag at AhhhScrap.


Brimstone, Demon Cat from Hell is shown off using the scraps from the Creature Comforts Scrapkit, © 2007 by Jennifer Lieberenz & Danielle Fenning of The word art was the the Tagger's Halloween Freebie (I think).

Halloween,tabby cat,tiger

This little tabby/tiger is from Paci's Tubes as was the pumpkin. The Scraps came from Cinnamon Scraps' Happy Haunting Kit, which is a freebie. The Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking. (Notice I forgot the copyright?)

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