Monday, October 13, 2008

House Panthers

These are some graphics I did for the House Panthers group. When we first joined the Blogosphere, House Panthers wasn't really doing anything. Diamond got it going again - she's very enthusiastic about black cats - but we were doing everything by ourselves.

When we went on hiatus over the summer, some of the other Panthers stepped up to the plate as it were and filled in. Spooky Do on Midnight Mondays, Ernie on the Island on Tuesdays, Not the Mama on Wednesdays, Grr on Grrsdays, Meep on Fridays, Stygia on Saturdays and Huffle Mawson on Sundays.

However, sometimes, they don't get something posted, so we've been kind of filling in. The tags are much quicker and easier to do than full scrap book pages are, so...

Huffle didn't post on Sunday, so we did.

Witchy Witch uses the "Modern Witch" which is (c) 2008 by Tiffany Kennedy at Scrappiles of Digi Style. I used the Scrap Happiness October Collab kit for the scraps. The frame was from Redhead, but there are four or five designers who lent their talents to that kit, so...


Hal O. Kitty is also (c) 2008 by Tiffany Kennedy at Scrappiles of Digi Style. The kit however is Scrappy Lover's witchy Pooh, which is also the kit I used to do the background for my blog - my first attempt at doing one of these. Most of my blogs use a three column format, which makes it really tricky. I figured I should start off easy, with a two column layout. :)

House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

The word art was from one of the Trick-or-Treat blog train kits. I'll have to figure out which one and let you know.

"Lil' Spooker" was put together from the Creatures Comfort kit I'm "collecting" from Scrap Outside the Box. It is © 2007 by Danielle Fenning and Jennifer Lieberenz. I don't know if this is an older kit or kits they're recycling as a freebie or not, but it's certainly pretty nice, if you don't mind getting it a little bit at a time.

Halloween,House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

We included codes in our post so Diamond's fellow House Panthers could put these on their blogs if they wanted. They've all got the propery copyrights on them.

I think Lil' Spooker is my favorite, but I also really like Hal O. Kitty. Orange and black are kind of cool colors to work in.

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