Thursday, October 30, 2008

T-13 Masquarade (Part I)

The Masquarade was held at Castle Diamond and all who participated felt it was REALLY hard!

To disguise the cats and dogs, I ran then though Photoshop, altering in the coat colors in many cases and then adding a filter effect.

For Scraps, Scrappy Redhead has four "Not Really Halloween" kits: From Dusk to Dawn, Alabaster Daze, Autumn Nights and Nocturnal. All of Redhead's kits can be found at Scrap Happiness.

I used the masks from Scrappy Lover's >Showtime kit except as noted below.

1. Halloween. I thought it approriate, since we are celibrating Halloween, to start out with Halloween the Cat.



I used the Poster Edge filter on Halloween, as I figured she'd be obscure enough to begin with.

This made use of the From Dusk to Dawn kit, although the spider is from the Albaster Daze kit. It's the only kit with a spider, so all the spiders in these pieces came from that kit.

Black Gold Alpha was a freebie from Bizee Digital Arts.

2. Scotchy is from Kellykat's Korner.



For Scotchy, I used the find edges filter, which turned him white, as a side effect. The Mask is (c) 2008 by Tracy King, and I used the Alabaster Daze kit for the scraps.

The Tattered Alpha is from Kittycat Designs.

3. Thompson came to dance with the stars from the Cat's Eye blog.

I'm surprised more fursons did not guess this one as he has a very distinctive beauty mark on his nose, even when it was turned hot pink, and is, of course, missing a front leg. I guess the bush did a better job of hiding that than I thought!



All the scraps are from the Nocturnal kit, except the mask, as noted above. The Hallow Alpha is by AllieKat Creations.

4. Madison is from Cory Cat Talks. Cory guessed that this was his brother and he was correct.



I only changed the gray part of his coat and left the white as it was. I kind of like the raspberry color I ended up with.

The Scraps are from the Autumn Night's kit, except the Dragonfly, which is from the Alabaster Daze kit (and the mask, of course).

The Fall Felt Alpha was from Miss Crow/Clever Crow Studios.

5. Rudy is Perfectly Parker's well behaved mancat brofur, and quite the mancat round the ballroom as well.

I guess dressing in formal black caught everyone off guard! It was obtained by using the glowing edges filter.



The scraps are from the Nocturnal kit, except for the bat, which is (c) 2008 by Brandi's Creations, and the mask, which is from Tracy King (Florescent Jellybeans). Of interest on the Nocturnal kit, is that there is a bat in the preview, but it's not included as part of the kit.

The Painted Fall Alpha was a freebie from Tempusfugit.

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