Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toxic Cleanup

Nope. No fairies. Instead I offer you a Photoshop disaster...

Bad Acid Tris

I had started out trying to dampen down the flash out from the white on his nose. Then I got this blue shift, so then I saved a copy and exaggerated the blue shift. Then I went into filters and posterized the picture.

This was AFTER I'd gotten rid of the background.

tabby cat

So then I had to come up the background - the obvious candidates being Candy's Treats Starlight kit, Scraps by Jessica's Sunfidulgence kit and Floral Forest Fantasy by Tizzy's Angel.

So after playing round, I went with Floral Forest Fantasy. Serious acid head stuff.

I actually like it though, it's very colorful!

I only have laser eyes...

Here, is Tris, trying to cuddle up to T-Abby again. Too bad there wasn't any room for a top hat. He looks so dashing in that.

tabby cat

This is the Urban Chic kit that I got from Taggers Scraps on Monday. As you can see, it's not just for Chics. It works well for mancats too.

Lots of glitter and bling brought to us by Diane at Candy's Treats.


Im having a hard time getting a winter tag for Tris that I like. Maybe I should use a different picture?

tabby cat,Winter

This uses the Frosty's Friends kit from Designs by Ali. I love the kit, just not this piece.'s better than the last one...

Chris-tris-mas Tabby

This turned out better, I think, through not talent of my own. And if he doesn't stop wandering around the house yowling all night, he's not getting anything for Christmas.

Christmas,tabby cat

I'm back to the O Christmas Tree kit from Candy's Treats. Did I mention she has a winter kit coming out and you should stop by her blog and download the freebie?

Dusk 2 Dawn

I did this back in September and never uploaded it. It uses the From Dusk Till Dawn kit by Scrappy Redhead.

tabby cat,Howl-N-Scream

Here is Tris, lounging in the Library of Castle Diamond. (He likes books, he'd just rather rip them up than read them.)

Much like Alabaster Daze, Autumn Nights and the newly released Nocturnal, From Dusk til Dawn is a not really Halloween, Halloween kit.

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