Monday, October 27, 2008

Talkin' Turkey

I still have five more tags to go to make Masquarade on Thursday, but I needed a break from the Halloween stuff.

I'm thinking of doing 2 weeks of Autumn, 2 weeks of Thanksgiving, 2 weeks of Winter, and 2 weeks of Christmas (which is much better than six weeks of Halloween ::sigh::)

We got something like 101 ploppers off the Sweet N Sassy Blog Train this weekend, so I can cheat a lot on the autumn ones.

The turkey ones just sort of took off on their own. The little word bubbles are a build in on Photosuite but I think you can find packs of them in .png format in various shops.


Domestic Cat,Thanksgiving

I have two Thanksgiving themed kits - "Gobble, Gooble" by QueenBrat and "Let's Give Thanks" from Scrappy Lover, plus some Autumn kits. This tag uses the "Let's Give Thanks" kit. I love the little owl! Heh!

The Fall Painted Alpha was a freebie from Tempusfugit. I rather liked the effect, so I used it on a several tags so far.


Domestic Cat,Thanksgiving

Same kit from Scrappy Lover, same owl. Tim Turkey (Regular) was a freebie from Scrappile of Digi Style (Tiffany Kennedy), while the Fall Alpha is (c) 2008 by Karla Marano.

Gandalf the Gray

House Panther,Russian Blue,Thanksgiving

QueenBrat's "Gobble, Gobble" got the nod for this one. There are three different bird houses in the kit, which is kind of unique. It also features a turkey - completed - which is the same designs as the Turkey Template she has available as well.

The Stitched Felt Alpha was a recent freebie from Raspberry Road Designs.

Kellie the Orange Cat

tabby cat,Domestic Cat,Thanksgiving

I'm back to the "Let's Give Thanks" kit again for this one. The Felt Alpha is the one I really like from Miss Crow/Clever Crow Design Studio.


Domestic Cat,Thanksgiving

If I ever get stuck on things for the cats or woofies to say, I can always fall back on "Nom, nom, nom..."

This is the "Gobble, Gobble" kit. There's a lady pilgrim's bonnet in there, and I need to try to Photoshop that onto one of the cats.

Again the Painted Fall Alpha is a freebie from Tempusfugit.

Who knows, by the time I get done with Halloween, I might have all of November taken care of as well.


Dollar Days at Taggers Scraps looks to be the same as last week. Still, there's some stuff I passed on last week I can pick up for this week.

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