Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The good, the bad, the fixed

Well, I went in and changed the Dr. Eric and Mr. Flynn piece putting in the potion bottle. I also changed the Wolfman Jake piece. It seemed Scrappiles of Digi Style had released a "Wolfboy" character as a newsletter only freebie. I was not subscribed to their newsletter at the time, but, when I went to snag the freebie they put out yesterday, I noted it was stored on 4Shared.

So I snooped around a bit and low and behold, there was the Wolfboy file. Yeah!

So that was one good thing. The other good thing had to do with Helly's Faery Magick Series Collection (1) which I've wanted since I first set eyes on it. Berry Bliss has it, all four kits packaged as one for just $3.00. So I'm pretty much happy as a clam with that!

The bad well...I've never bought anything off a blog store, and I can guarantee, I'll think two or three times before doing it again. Charmed Scrapz are Us had this free CU Fairy Pack on their site which was fine, I down loaded it and went looking for parts 1 & 2, which turn out not to be freebies. There's also a Pirate Pack and a Goth Pack, both of which I just had to have.

So I swallowed my reservations and bought the Pirate and the Goth packs off the website. Once you've completed your transaction you then have to wait for them to get back to you with the download instructions, which turn out to be largely uncomprehendable. I did finally get them downloaded - after banging my head on the desk for half an hour - but that a pain the rump!

So then I went to Incognito's blog and saw where she is selling at Sweet N Sassy Digi Scrappers, so I went over there. The have the same packs for sale on a personal use license, which are cheaper, but I also figured, will be an easier download. So I ordered the Fairy Pack 1.

They sent the down load link for the Pirate Pack.


So I sent a note to customer service and got the download link for the Fairy One Pack in my e-mail today.

Incognito also sells at Crafty Scraps, so I guess I could try them next and see if they are any better. There were a few other things there that looked interesting in any case, so if they work like they should, I'll be grooving.

Anyway...Blue Wednesday on House Panthers...These are a couple of tags I did to help take up the slack when Not the Mama doesn't post.

House Panther,Russian Blue

This is Kilroy, the Love Beast, using Scrappy Redhead's Midnight Acquaintance. The alpha is the Lady of the Lakes alpha by Julie at Plain Digital Wrapper.

House Panther,Russian Blue

I did this piece of Gandalf, then I couldn't remember what kit I used. It turned out to be Autumn Princess from Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps. The Felt Alpha is from Miss Crow/Clever Crow Design Studios.

Grr,House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

I also have this one tag of Grr, which I'd done for originally for House Panthers, but which ended up on Diamond's Blog instead. Which doesn't mean I won't recycle it on House Panthers sometime in the future.

I used the Something Wicked kit for this tag, it was a very nicely done freebie with a lot of unique and unusual elements! (c) 2008 by Becky Sumrell of Imagic Reflections. The old book alpha is from Humble Scraps.

Tomorrow, while Diamond is running her T-13 of Scary Movie Monster, I'm going to a T-13 of Fairy Tags I've done recently here on Digicats, so be sure to stop by and have a gander.

Oh yeah, one more "fix". I also "fixed" the background on the blog, so that the text flows over it when you scroll. I like that better!

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